About us

Siemens Care Pvt is the original online personal protective equipment supplier and it is one of its kind. Owned and operated by sanitary experts, we pride ourselves on our product knowledge and quality customer service, so you can have a safe and seamless online shopping experience. We have come a long way to satisfy our customers worldwide through rapidity, availability and easy shipments. We started small and grew our range to cater for everybody’s health products needs at this very moment.

Siemens Care Pvt products are widely used in healthcare, medical and safety area. We have a wide range of face mask like 3m 1860 N95, 3m 8210 N95, 3M Particulate Respirator 8511 N95, Moldex N100 Respirators with Handy Strap and Valve, 3 ply disposable sanitary mask. we Also supply hand sanitizers

At Siemens Care Pvt we have a variety of payment options for ease of purchase-including Visa and MasterCard. We offer fast steam so you get what you want when you need it because your health is important to us. All orders will include free shipping. Navigate through our menu or simply use the search box to find the products you need. Feel free to contact us if you need any help or advice. Buy direct and save a life with us.